Trapeza Teams


Last week, the new Trapeza Meal Team system was announced and we are excited to try a new method of sharing the blessing of feeding our parish!

For those who were not at church on Sunday, each regularly attending family has been assigned to one of 4 teams who will bring the food for that week, set up for the meal and clean up.

Team 1 (lead by Vasilios Brown) will serve on the first Sunday of the month, Team 2 on the second Sunday (led by Elena Ellis), Team 3 on the third Sunday (led by John Harney) and Team 4 on the fourth Sunday (led by Jacob Voyce).

There are 3 months this year with 5 Sundays and those will be potluck without Teams. Linked below are the guidelines and assignments for the teams as well as some inspiration for how you to participate. Each attachment is formatted as a PDF, to make printing easy. A new page to our web site has been added that has this information as well.

If you would like to participate, but are not assigned to a team or have any questions, please reach out to Elena Ellis at [email protected]